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Who Are We ?

IG Seychelles is an outstanding business incubator for fast-track importers, exporters, International Business owners and those seeking to start or expand a business and willing to contribute to the welfare of Seychelles but also to the rest of the World, by Innovation, Sustainability Programs, Investing or Renewable Energy.  We have high experience in re-positioning and refreshing companies and product distribution, including developing new markets.  We earn trust with our audiences by our rigorous approach, we maintain a transparent, step by step process with client involvement at it’s core, coupled with powerful insights, rich creative framework development and evaluation for truly effective results.  

Why We're Awesome!

Our philosophy is that the power in working together as a Team gives you the ultimate power to design the most imaginative ideas, or these products or business formulas what will become a phenomenon over the years.

What can you expect from us:


We Are Transparent

We offer full and open transaparency from start till end of the project 


We Like Customization

Customizing a project to its percfection until success is achieved completely 


We Work Well Documented

Well documented according high standards is mandetory for us and company policy


We Easy To Work With

We are very flexible and are we adapt easily to any situation at any time


We Love High Tech

Welcome to our world as high tech is unconditional connected to the things we do


We Provide Full Support

We are there for you 24/7, 365 days around without any hesitation

What we Do

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Share your idea with us

How to share your idea with us?


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Step 1

It starts with an idea. Your idea!, and you wish to tell everybody. It can be anything and we would like you, to share it with us and that we together will start a project in order to see if it is the "Big Idea" what can be used and where we or the world is looking for. You have to be prepared to walk a path what not always will be easy and what gives the guarantee that your idea will become succesful, but as we say: "Faillure starts when you stop trying" so please contact us.

Step 2

Our team will analyse your idea and we will ask ourselves: "Can we do this?"  Is it origininal or already used in another way, and you made the improvements, are just some questions and views we create and we will have to investigate. We will perform a feasibilty study to investigate the costs, the reach and what could be its future sucess rate.

Step 3

We want to undertand your idea completley and of course what are its possibiities and what you can do with this idea. There will be a very close interaction between you and IGS, to reach the complete understanding about what we want, what you want and the path we have to choose. Is this an idea where the world is waiting for? But most of all,  we want to understand you.

Step 4

We need to identify the 'market' in where the idea must fit in as we all want the highest success score for the idea. It might be a long road to walk on but a 100% identification of the market and its usage will be necessary. Does your idea sove problems? Will people  pay for it? Or will you give your idea for free? are questions what we will ask.

Step 5

After all work and research done we will advise to create a prototype of your idea. this can be a hardware, software or any other product what has the good chance of success to be distributed worldwide. We will test the prototype or product to complete satisfaction that it will work and is fullfilling the expectations. After the testing we can go forward to the finalisation.

Step 6

The communication between yourself and IGS will intensify in this stage as we need to know a few more things from you before we implement the idea  i.e. if you would like to patent your idea?, profitsharing, sharing of costs, ownership,  are just a few of the many questions we will ask you. During the complete stages everything will be well documented in digital format and as hard copy as well.

Step 7

The final step before launching. Here we will assist and create a full busines plan, taking care of the financial aspects, permits and licenses, to name some. We will secure the intellectual property and much more. We will together evaluate the whole processes again and will take a pilot test before we set the final date for the final launch.

Final Step

Launch date!! The date will be carefully chosen as this is an important pointin launching your idea to product or service. We will take care that the world will be aware of teh launch via the known media like Televison, radio and Internet, social and business platforms and many more. Time to enjoy success and to look forward to the future.

Don’t Forget To Meet Our Team.

Here we are. That's Us !


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Wilhelmus L.J. Habets
Founder & CEO
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Meraj Syed
Simone de Comarmond
Enzo Brizi
Jill Testa

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